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UNIT - The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (or currently: Unified Intelligence Taskforce) - is a fictional organization on the television show Doctor Who, dedicated to defending the Earth from alien threats. Over the years UNIT showed up in a variety of roles; most well-known are the years the Third Doctor spent as Scientific Advisor to UNIT while he was exiled to Earth. However, we've also seen UNIT or its associated personnel with the Second Doctor, the Fourth Doctor, the Fifth Doctor, in the Seventh Doctor story Battlefield, mentioned and/or briefly featured in the new series and the spin-offs Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, and now featured more prominently in the fourth season of the new series and specials. As well, UNIT has been used in many novels, comic strips, and even has its own (fantastic) four-part audio series from Big Finish. All of these incarnations and eras are welcome here in the community.

For a more thorough overview, try the excellent page Wikipedia page on UNIT and its history, or the list of UNIT personnel.

Simple rules

1. All content related to UNIT is allowed here - discussion, fanfic, art, icons, scans, anything you can think of, it's all good. If you have any interesting discussion or information on the actors who portrayed UNIT characters, that's welcome as well.

1a. Related to the above, if you do have art or icons, please use an lj-cut for anything large or for more than three icons. For fic, please use a header that includes an appropriate rating and any necessary warnings, and cut for anything longer than 100 words.

1b. All types of fic are allowed here, from gen to het to slash to femslash. Please read accordingly, and be sure to note the ratings, as some may contain adult content.

2. Please be sure to use lj-cuts for any spoilers on casting, appearances, etc. related to UNIT in any of the upcoming DW specials, S5, Torchwood, or SJA.

3. Have fun! And if at any time you aren't having fun, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me (livii, alivii@gmail.com).

Thanks to fly_to_dawn for the header and default icon! (Note that this doesn't mean we're a Three-era community only, but the graphics were too beautiful to pass up). And thanks to oltha_heri for fixing up the layout of the community to make the best use of the graphics and making everything look so spiffy!

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